Wednesday, July 8, 2015

truth or consequence

The best part of this hike was the VERY short time it took us to get to the North viewing area of Mount Pisgah somewhere between Northboro and Berlin. Our hikers were elated.
"Best.hike.EVER!" they said. 
 So the leaders became the followers, and the new and self-appointed leaders decided to direct us back to the parking lot. The truth is, we're still not quite in agreement about who led the way. The happy adult leaders were chatting it up in the back of the line. The consequence is that our short walk turned into a real (hot) hike, as we wandered around on unfamiliar trails for more than an hour before we decided to deliberate and change our course. 
 The short ending to the long hike? We lived to tell about it. We made it out of the woods. And we laughed. A little.

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