Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In case you missed the Missionary memo:

LOOK who's waiting to hear where she'll be serving:
Her paperwork to serve a mission was submitted February 17th.
That means she'll probably be receiving that big white envelope THIS WEEK!
But she has a plan.
It involves gathering. And WAITing.
Until March 13th.
So wait with me!
And get excited.
(And if you want, try and GUESS where she'll be assigned. She has a giant map of the world on her apartment wall, and is filling it up with little sticky notes that include names and guesses. Comment below with where you think she'll go, and that will make her VERY happy while we wait!)
She is going to be an AWESOME missionary.

1 comment:

Jo Jo said...

this makes it much easier!
Jarrod says Nauvoo visitor center
Amy says Portland Oregon