Saturday, February 7, 2015

all for one and none for nudes

Took my three kids shopping for a prom dress... I should have realized my mistake right there. But, as I told them the other day when we had to sit in a Jiffy Lube waiting room together, "thanks for being part of this team." Even though you hate the garage smell and touching germ-y plastic chairs and the fact that at least one of us always makes small talk with strangers... Doing things together isn't always better, but it does sort of unite us in ways we might not expect. Like agreeing that a high five with the cashier at the grocery store when he hands over the receipt totally makes his day... and that naked mannequins make us uncomfortable. We wandered around our local Macy's for about an hour, and had to keep passing a center display that included an arm-less nude fake lady. I'm a little disappointed to admit that I think I didn't even notice her: until my kids did. And they couldn't keep passing her without taking pity on her situation. And trying to help... (by tossing clothes off another rack up on to the seven foot model) and then there was giggling. And we left. And we laughed.

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shirlgirl said...

Oh, that is so funny!