Wednesday, January 28, 2015

snow day: take two

Leeli got tired of playing in the snow.
Let's face it.
It's HARD to play in the snow when you're wading through powder that's thigh-high. So she checked an item off her bucket list 
(and off her pinterest board):
Unicorn Poop Cookies.
 Can't make this stuff up.
There was much rejoicing.
And snap chatting.
 There was also sledding at Cherry Hill.
It's not AS fun when there's three feet of powder to work with, because there's a lot of flipping and snow in the face.
But we laughed and helped brush away the stinging cold and didn't stay as long as we would have on a bright sunny day with packed trails.
Digging snow tunnels in the yard is a favorite.

 And a game called "find the mailbox."
The plow knocked our mailbox off the post as it passed by. It was lost in a VERY deep pile of snow.
These two eventually found it.
 There was enough snow and hot chocolate to keep everyone happy.

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Aaron H. said...

Is it stranger that unicorn poop cookies exist, or that she had them on her bucket list?