Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oh Christmas tree

We happened to time the annual tree cutting expedition 
with Mr. Dub's back episode. The one where he throws out his back, and is incapacitated in such a way that he is unable to join us in our search for a Christmas tree. 
Key to this injured back story is the fact that HE is usually the one who cuts down the tree.
 That job fell to me this year.
I guess since the kids figured they did such an outstanding job SELECTING the tree.
They talked me through it.
 I was not prepared for the enormity of this task.
 I had to stop several times and talk to my biceps.
I'm actually not sure I have any.
I DO have a festive wreath,
 an obstinate snowman
 a reindeer with a sweet tooth
 AND, thankfully, a TREE.


shirlgirl said...

Your tree is beautiful. I'll bet it was gorgeous when decorated.

Aaron H. said...

Way to motivate the guns.