Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wedding WEEK... it was wonderful.

SO so much activity, travel, love and meaningful time spent with family; it's a shame to limit a post that culminates a whole wedding week to a few pictures. It was ALL so lovely and laden with moments that we won't soon forget. We couldn't feel more blessed to have a daughter in law--we're immensely in awe of the amazing person that she is; so beautiful inside and out.  Maybe you've already seen the post on the Utah wedding. Yonder and Teeny honeymooned in New England; New Hampshire in the White Mountains, on the coast of Maine and in Boston.  They joined us for Thanksgiving, and then made an appearance at home for their East Coast wedding reception/open house the next day.  There were MANY who helped make the evening happen... I'm grateful for so much help, so many loved ones who came out to show support, and so so much love.  

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shirlgirl said...

Wonderful pictures,Jenny. I love the picture of Kristine in the music room showing the back of her gown--it is so beautiful. They make a beautiful couple.