Sunday, August 10, 2014

over the river and through the woods (and down the New Jersey Turnpike) to Grandmother's house we go...

 ...past miles and miles of rolling farmland
 to Palmyra, Virginia.
It was GOOD to visit.

 and GOOD to be reminded of what great parents Dub has. I often tell my kids the story of how his family was the catalyst in my decision to marry him (way back when).
 they still bring me great joy.
 It's clear that our children feel the same when we're together.

 Hooray for family!
And hooray for family selfies!
They both make me laugh.


shirlgirl said...

Dub's folks look great! Glad you had a nice visit on your way to Florida.

laura.lewis95 said...

Love that last family selfie...and hooray for great inlaws!
You're going to be a great one yourself ;-)