Sunday, July 6, 2014

hiking is just a thing I LOVE

If I can talk my people into a Saturday afternoon hike, I feel like I've won the lottery! Watatic is one of our favorites.

 We found some wild blueberries at the top and stopped for a snack.
We also found a snake who was snacking on a VERY large frog in the hollow of this tree.
 I was glad the hungry snake was NOT in the hollow of this rock.
 On a clear day from the top of Watatic, you can see all the way to Boston. Since our heads are obscuring the skyline, I'm hoping you'll find them much more interesting.

In the words of my brother:
Leeli got a trip to Utah, 
and Morning Boy got a hike up Watatic with his parents. 
Maybe I'll design a t-shirt.

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