Friday, May 9, 2014

Music is the universal language

I was sad that my SD card did not make it to the annual POPS concert with my camera.
I knew there were plenty of people there with cameras that would be willing to share a few photos.
I was NOT sad that my only job was to sit still and enjoy the music.
It was wonderful.

 Sweet Mesquite and some of her Senior friends received some nice awards. 
The John Phillips Sousa award was presented to our very own flute/piccolo player.
It recognizes superior musicianship, dependability, loyalty and cooperation.
Quite an honor; quite an outstanding group of friends!


Jo Jo said...

Didn't her brother get that award! Very nice! Glad you got pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girl!!!!! I'm so proud and happy for you-- that is an honor. I can't think of anyone that would deserve it more :)
<3/ the bff

shirlgirl said...

congratulations to your two beautiful daughters.