Tuesday, April 8, 2014

just me, the boy and the (stomach) bug

Sunday morning this freckly face wasn't feeling quite like himself. It was our semi annual Sunday Brunch. 
(thank you, General Conference
He kept telling me he couldn't believe there was bacon, (and eggs, and fruit and muffins and more...) and he didn't want to eat it.
 Our plan was to clean up from brunch and head to my parents' house for the day. We loaded the car and drove away. Not two minutes into the trip I could tell that Morning Boy was feeling less and less like he would be able to tolerate a 30 minute car ride. So we bailed. We sent the girls off and got comfy at home. By the time the choir had finished singing the opening hymn, he looked like this:
I started unpacking my conference treats... (not as fun when there's no one to share with) I enjoyed the quietest two hours of conference I've ever experienced.
After the first session we went outside where I thought some fresh air and sunshine might perk him up a bit. He told me he felt like an elderly person. There was no perk.
In fact, he stayed pretty stationary right through Monday. By Tuesday morning there wasn't much spring in his step, so I kept him home from school again, but by noon time he felt well enough to run some errands with me, and even talked me into a steamed lobster at the grocery store.  Things are looking up.
I think a pretty good life philosophy is to enjoy a good lobster with your mom as often as you can.


shirlgirl said...

Sorry he was feeling so awful but glad that he was well enough a few days later to enjoy that awesome lobster! You are making my mouth water for one. I love it when you can have them steamed in the grocery store--no messy pots to clean--just toss out the shells when empty!

Alana said...

Well I guess if you are only going to eat once in three days it might as well be lobster!Glad he's feeling better