Thursday, February 6, 2014

just arrived: more SNOW!

 We enjoyed our first official snow day yesterday.
We've had plenty of snow; just that it's arrived on weekends and holidays. Yesterday's storm happened to time itself so that schools were canceled and Mr. Dub stayed home from work.
 It gave us the perfect excuse to dust off the cross country skis and go gliding around the neighborhood.
 It ended up snowing ALL day and into the night.
 More than a foot of snow fell,
 which will make for a few more good days (at least) of packing down the trails and skiing in the yard.


LL said...

HOORAY! Midweek snow days are my FAVORITE!

shirlgirl said...

What fun for all of you! Love the rosy cheeks on Mr. Morning--he's so cute. You certainly had more snow that we did, I think, but we had enough. Thanks to my next door neighbor who shovels for me. I cleaned my car off (he did it once) and then shoveled what I had pushed onto the street. Parking in front of the house is down to the pavement. Lots of barrels, chairs, and whatever reserving parking spots of those who shoveled out their space. Loved all of your pictures.