Friday, December 27, 2013

our Christmas Eve tradition

One of the very best parts of Christmas at our house
happens on Christmas Eve.
We spend a quiet night IN, dressed in comfy clothes
 I love the thought that goes behind each creation.
 We draw names at Thanksgiving, then spend the month planning and creating our secret surprises.
 Each gift comes wrapped in love... that's my favorite part.
A brief recap: Mesquite made a lego clock for the morning boy. Rooney made Leeli a drawstring backpack for her ballet gear.  Rooney received a personal recording of Enrique playing and singing along on his ukelele.
 Mesquite received an organizer for her closet shelf, designed, built and painted by Leeli.
 Morning Boy spent many hours sewing and stuffing specially designed "bean burrito" bean bags to toss into the mouths on a tossing game he made for Enrique.
 Mr. Dub also spent long hours making a marble pinball table game for Yonder.
 Yonder created a beautiful DVD collection of 2013 highlights in pictures and videos for me--a real treasure.
Lucky, lucky Dub got a canvas carrier for hauling in firewood.
The gifts were thoughtful and fun.
After the exchange, we enjoyed pondering what a wonderful life we have as we watched the Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life.
I cry like a baby EVERY time.


Jo Jo said...

This is my favorite yearly post! I love seeing what you make for each other!

shirlgirl said...

What wonderful gifts and talent of each and every one of the family. Loved seeing the gifts.

Alana said...

I love this tradition. When I feel our kids are old enough I totally want to do it. I think the Lego clock was my favorite this year.

LL said...

AWESOME traditions over there!