Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In less than 12 seconds I obliterated my rear view mirror while backing out of the garage.
 A note from my child
(yesterday I was so proud there were no spelling errors!... today I want to pin it on my shirt)
felt somehow square on the mark after driving to the mailbox.
I retreated to the kitchen and made myself 12 pancakes in honor of a great start to a memorable day.


LL said...

let's hope the next 12 hours are trouble free.

Aaron H. said...

Rachael can commiserate with you.

shirlgirl said...

So can I!! I was backing up the street one winter's night and my left side mirror ended up on a neighbor's hood. I told her what happened. Cost me a few bucks, but no damage to her car. Just a little misjudging on my part.