Friday, August 15, 2014

a few things

1. These two nine-year-old boys spent the afternoon together. Watching them stroll around so busy chatting with each other that they weren't even able to focus on an activity was priceless. They talked more (and with more enthusiasm) than two long lost sisters reunited after years apart. They share the same name. They're like a two-for-one special. Entertainment at its best.
2. While those two were catching up, I finished every last piece of dirty girls camp/vacation/work laundry that has been piled up ominously in the laundry room for too long. I also painted M's bedroom floor. It looks much better, and since I estimate that it will be in the queue for new flooring for more than a month or two, I'm much happier looking at paint than at plywood.
3. We almost went to the beach today. I'm glad we didn't. We needed a day at home to just BE. And I caught THIS happening:

4. I made a big pot of beans. Simple dinners make me happy.
 5. For dessert, we hit Kimball's. Everyone else had ice cream. I had myself a big scoop of Lincoln with a cherry on top. DEE-LICIOUS!

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