Tuesday, October 29, 2013

je suis fatigue

...maybe not my favorite phrase in French, but definitely the one that applies today.

In seminary I was the only one who got an answer wrong on today's scripture mastery quiz.

Mr. Dub made three trips to the Home Depot in less than three hours before work.

Our kitchen is looking more and more like a rustic hunting cabin.
There is frost on the pumpkin.

High School soccer ends TONIGHT.  I hope we will celebrate with copious amounts of SLEEP.

I was born of goodly parents.
My mom gave Dub an apple pie as an early birthday present.  I have managed to consume most of it, due in part to my affection for breakfast dessert.

There is a large bag of m&ms in my purse.  Thank goodness.

1 comment:

shirlgirl said...

Wonderful picture of your Mom and Dad. Your Dad looks great for all that he has been going through.
Have fun "roughing it" while your kitchen is getting a face lift. I'll bet it will be beautiful when finished.