Monday, October 28, 2013

coming home

 We just barely survived Homecoming weekend.
Between the social calendars of my kids, football games, parades, birthday parties and ongoing kitchen demolition, 
the whole World Series thing is what we do to relax.
(And the obstruction call?!?... it's actually exhausting...  Go SOX!)
 We had a special visitor this weekend.
 Mr. Dub's mom flew up 
from Virginia
 to see as many grandchildren
 in as many activities as was humanly possible in two days.
She also met Angela.
She flew home today; she'll probably need the week to recover.  


Jo Jo said...

Wow, what a weekend! Love all the photos! Mom LOVED watching Sarah!

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures--and I love the one of Karen and Angela. Did she drive it? She looks wonderful, and how nice for her to come for a visit to see all the grandchildren. She is probably a "happy" tired.