Wednesday, January 22, 2014

she'll want to know how to spell en.tre.pre.neur

 Leeli's been busy.
like I've taken to huddling near the woodstove in this bitter cold.
 She's got the basics in the bag, and is expanding the vision of her product line.
Who knows? Maybe Etsy next.


Jo Jo said...

Love this! What a good thing! (And your story was awesome!)

shirlgirl said...

Nice job, and I love her bright colors. I also wanted to comment on your previous blog but unable to do it. It was a wonderful post--full circle.

LL said...

I learned to crochet at her age also. I LOVED it, still do. In fact, I found a couple hooks while cleaning the basement today and decided I need to pick it back up.
Your mission story was the BEST. Thank YOU for sharing that...loved every bit of it!