Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Party of Five: New Year's Eve

We have hosted MANY MANY New Year's Eve parties.
1996 was the year of our first big bash.
We have always opened the door wide on New Year's Eve and happily lived "the more the merrier" phrase in a very literal sense.
Last year we enjoyed a rollicking New Year's Eve party with more than 50 in attendance. Less than a week into 2013, more than 30 of those attendees had fallen ill. VERY ill with a stomach bug of nasty proportions. We will never be sure where the germ originated or why it touched so many. I'm still blaming the big communal bowl of muddy buddies. I can't abide the thought of having them in my house. EVER again.
I vowed last January that we would not start 2014 in the same way. My New Year's Eve plan became NO New Year's plans. 
Most of our kids made their own plans, and I was happy to stick to my plan of NO plan. But right at the very last minute, we threw together a very small scale party for five.
 It was just the right size.
 We played at least one game every hour until midnight.
 To mark the passing hours, we popped balloons.
 A party favorite was "Sleeping Queens."
 Another (small) crowd-please-er was the paper bag game.
The surprise victor was a 49 year old female.
 Probably the favorite tradition of New Year's Eve is the midnight barefoot run around the house--like postal workers we go, despite rain, snow, ice and plummeting temperatures. 
 It's a lively way to ring in the new year
  keeps us on our toes.
 Our frigid toes.
 Who knows?
 Maybe 2014 will bring the next big New Year's Eve bash.
 This year we bid farewell to 2013
as a party of five.
And it was JUST.RIGHT.
Happy New Year!!

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shirlgirl said...

Happy New Year, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun and the start of a healthy New Year.