Thursday, December 5, 2013

exploring the Big Apple

It was a whirlwind trip.
We (mostly) cleaned up from our Thanksgiving meal.
We packed our bags
(and bag lunches with turkey-leftover sandwiches).
We left in three vehicles on Wednesday morning.
Aaron and Rachael plus three girls, 
Roger with five of our kids, and Ellen and I.
It was rainy. We agreed that with day-before-Thanksgiving traffic and rain, it wouldn't be a good idea to caravan.  Turns out there was NO traffic to speak of. We rendezvous'd at our hotel on the corner of Lexington and 49th in the early part of the afternoon
and set off to explore the city.
It was a short walk to Rockefeller Plaza and Times Square.
We took a quick subway ride to The Museum of Natural History.
 There was no shortage of things to see.
( be continued)

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shirlgirl said...

Awesome! Waiting for more.......