Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And she learned how to crochet a cute little vegetable

We've been BUSY here.
Like Santa's elves, we've been making, baking and decorating.
Whew!...  And it's almost Christmas.
But I've been negligent.
This little pea got her braces off.  Three days shy of a month ago.
Just in time to morph into the newest and sweetest teenager EVER.
She keeps reminding me that it's ALMOST her birthday!
And I keep remembering that she was my best Christmas present. Ever.


shirlgirl said...

She looks awesome with her braces off--awesome anyway. Love her crocheted pea. I can't believe that she is going to be 13. Where have the years gone?

ellen said...

When is her birthday party starting?!? I might have to hire her to make me a veggie. That is the cutest things ever.

LL said...

Beautiful smile on that BIRTHDAY girl!
I will always remember her b-day, its the same day as my mama's :-)
Hope she has a great 13th.