Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October Photo Walk

I love my walks.
October has sure come into herself... showy bursts of color every where you turn. I'd love to have you alongside me so I could point and exclaim "Oh look! Isn't it beautiful?!?"
Yesterday I took my camera with me to preserve some of my favorite colorful spots.
 Even the poison ivy looks good in October.
 It will be good to look back at the glorious departure from summer when we're enduring the long cold winter ahead.
 Fall in Massachusetts is just stepping off.
The days are filled with mostly mundane (although important) tasks, but we can perform them for the next two months in the most glorious of settings.
 I'm grateful for the awareness that it's good to pause and acknowledge the beauty all around. 

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shirlgirl said...

Beautiful fall pictures, Jenny.