Thursday, September 18, 2014

meeting online ...and in person

In the early days of social networking, I sort of cringed at the idea of "meeting" someone online. It seemed risky. I found that as my comfort with the world wide web increased, so did my desire to expand my world. Especially when it came to friendships with strong, independent women who are living to make a difference in the world.  I met my first online friend in 2008. Then I met her in person in 2009 when I flew to Utah with Yonder, to help him get settled into his freshman year of college. It was invigorating! She was a friendly blogger with whom I had connected through my own attempt at a foray into the world of blogging, and it turns out she was even more delightful in person. We ate ice cream. We talked about the Kennedys and Boston. She has Massachusetts connections, so we met again a few years later on a sunny day in Boston when she was here for a visit. We took a walking tour of the back bay, enjoyed some time catching up, and snapped a selfie on the common before we parted.
Since then, some of my closest friends have been women I've met through online and blogging connections.
Thank heavens for the internet!
My life is fuller and richer for it.
Recently, on my trip to Idaho, I realized that I would be driving through the town of Brigham, Utah. Jody, another friend I had yet to meet in person lives there.  I become acquainted with her several years ago via an online motivational program that brought women together from all over the country (and Canada, too!) in a positive forum where we challenged ourselves to be physically fit, and also incorporated other ways to  pull our more complete and balanced lives together in a loving, supportive forum. It was called The Resolutionary Challenge.  I participated, along with Jody, for a few years, and loved the results; mainly the friendships gained as a result of encouraging one another and working towards common goals.
I called Jody as I traveled towards her town, and she was so kind to say yes to an impromptu after-nine-pm visit. 
I enjoyed meeting her husband and visiting with them for a few minutes in their home.
They were gracious about granting my wish to see the newly opened Brigham City Temple, and drove a few miles with me (so I wouldn't get  lost) to see it and bask in its beauty for a few minutes before making my way back down the highway.
I'm grateful for my friendships!
Life is SO SO much better when we enjoy meaningful relationships.
I felt like I had already met her; and then knew for certain we were meant to be friends when she slipped me a bag of chocolate on my way out the door. The chocolate didn't last long. But our friendship will.


Doran & Jody said...

Oh SQUISH your guts!
I am so glad you stopped!
I can't wait to come out and see the sharks in your pond at your house!

Speaking of challenges. I sure need to do something again.

Janssen said...

I feel so lucky to have met you - and anyone you know in real life is blessed to be your friend.

ellen said...

And you met me!!

I've met some awesome friends through the interwebs.