Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DO pineapples mean hospitality?

Ever since we took a family trip to the coast of Maine a few years ago, Sweet Mesquite fell in love with all the golden pineapples that adorned local homes and business signs.
It's generally a historic area with many old homes from the 1700s. We told her that the pineapple is a sign of hospitality.
She became infatuated with pineapples; especially the golden ones. Now, even when we travel without her, the rank of siblings is quick to point out (in mysterious-sounding voices) "Look! A golden pineapple!" after which there is a shout out to document it for Mesquite.
And then look at just how enthusiastically they put on their best hospitable faces.
Maybe I'm confusing the meaning; maybe pineapples are a symbol of hostility.
Perhaps we need to re-visit the meaning of hospitality.

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Aaron H. said...

That's them telling you, "Enough with the road trip random photos, mom."